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Canon SX50HS and Windows11


I have never had issues loading photos and videos onto my Dell laptop by USB until my recent switch to the Windows 11 operating system . My camera is still recognized but I am unable to upload the photos for some unknown reason. Was there something I needed to alter in the process that I am not recognizing ? Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Thank you in advance .





I also have a Canon SX 50. Usually, when you connect a new device to windows, windows will install the new driver and then you need to reboot the PC for the driver to be fully operational. With the camera connected (and of course, turned on!) Go to the computer device manager and see if you can see your device. Right click on the Canon and select, "Update Driver" and see if that helps. If you still have problems, you may need to install some extra software. Or maybe try another cable?

But you may find it easier to remove the sd card (with the camera switched off) and use a usb sd card reader to upload your pictures into the computer. USB SD card readers are quite cheap. You will also find that card readers are faster compared to connecting the camera to directly to the computer.


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I followed your instructions. My driver is up to date. When I try to upload the photos in the usual manner, I get a message of "Failed to import x out of x items from "Canon PowerShot SX50 HS" to "Pictures"."

Can you open the DCIM folder in the Canon SX50 and see your photos? What happens if you copy the photos and paste to your computer?

I am wondering if the problem is with the Camera or rather with the Window's 11 automatic import settings. 

In win 11 settings search for , "Auto Play" what are the settings you have enabled there for your Canon? With the camera connected and turned on you might be able to change the options. 


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You do not need ANY software program to get photos off the camera to the computer.

Just open the camera "drive" in File Manager, open the DCIM folder, and there are your files. Copy/move them to wherever you want them  just selecting and dragging.