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Canon SX50HS Scroll Wheel Not working


Hi all,


My SX50HS is approx. 3months old, and suddenly the scroll wheel stopped working. All the other functions seems to be working quite well. I went to the support center since the camera is still under warranty, and they said that they have to replace all the other circuitry and the lens setup to repair this, since the camera is sealed. Only LCD will not be replaced.


I am trying to talk with the camera shop to get a replacement due to all these circuitry replacement.

Anyone experienced this before? Any help would be appreciated.





What control are you referring to as a scroll wheel?

And depending on what your sales agreement says you may and probably have no choice other than to send it back. 3 months it usually beyond a return/replace option at all stores.

I've repaired several of the older G models and yes it is most likely one large circuit board across the back of the camera, thinking you mean the control dial, that needs to be replaced. The control dial is just a mechanical device that sits on top of a clever arrangement of switches and contact surfaces on that circuit board. The lens system would just have to be recalibrated unless for some reason it got damaged because of the faulty control in the lens drove to far out or in.

The truth is even Canon does not know for sure just what exactly has be be done until they have it in their hands and take it apart...their guesses are way better than mine but I bet mine are close. It may turn out to just be the dial or the circuit board beneath it came loose or slipped from its mounting...all guesses.

Personally I would not hesitate to send it back to Canon...unless you have the nicest camera shop on earth there.


Hi John,


Thanks for the quick reply. I am ok with repair done by the Canon, but my issue is being all of the systems being replaced only after three months of use. Thats why I thought of discussing it with shop to get a new camera instead of repairing.


FYI, this shop is the Authorized Canon Distributor and has the Authorized canon work shop.


Well the agreement says that they will replace the camera if they cannot repair it.....Smiley Frustrated


Pls see below, a pic of the camera back, refering to the scroll

Yes that's the dial I thought you meant !

It is very labor intensive to work on these cameras just to get to the part you need to replace and if they are going to rebuild the whole system it doesnt make sense to me but maybe it does to them. Usually for that symptom it is not a systematic problem and is isolated to that dail or the board below it. In fact when I look for broken cameras to buy, repair and resell I target problems exactly like yours...which are usually the easiest to fix. I did say usually not always.

I do understand your apprehension with the fact that your new camera is facing or allegidly facing a complete rebuild, that would bother me also. Lots can go wrong inside those cameras during reassembly that can remain hidden until it acts up. If you trust that repair shop then let them go ahead and fix it or get a second opinion? Afterall it is only 3 months old. If you sent it back to Canon directly rather than local AND it indeed needed a complete rebuild I bet they would just replace it and be done with it. Local shops may operate a little differently.

In any case I do wish you the best results and understand your reason for questioning this.

Of all the SX50's out there, I'd say this was an isolated case.


Yes the wheel could be faulty but before anything else, would a camera reset not be worth trying? It might be a waste of time but at least it will cost nothing to try, digital circuits does get 'glitches' from time to time.


Remove the battery for a few minutes, re-insert then try a full reset thats the first thing I would be doing - might work might not!



Hi John/Davy,


Thank you very much to both of you for the quick replies.


Thanks for understanding me and will try to talk with the shop to get a new replacement camera instead of the repair.


I reseted the camera my self and the repair shop tried the same, with same unsuccessfull results.


I seldomly used the camera during the past weeks and it was kept in the dry box I made with Sealed box and Silica. I kept the humidity around 50%. Could this be a reason for this issue?


No that is not why your having problems like that, if you bumped that dail or somthing along those lines then that would make sense/

I agree with John.


If it had a bump that must be taken into consideration (but don't mention that), it could be something as simple as tarnished contacts causing a 'no connection' issue.


I too keep silica gel in my A650 case, that is a good precaution I'd say.


Should you return the camera I would be tempted to keep the memory card should there be anything of value on it, better still download the images first.  Returning the camera is the better approach as it's still under warranty.



silica gel in my bag also...

Hi John/Davy,


I glad to say thet the kind gentleman, who is the AGM in the Canon Distriibutor from which I bought the camera, has been very understanding and replaced the faulty one with a new camera without a fuss.


Thank you very much for you guys hepling me out with the facts, and I would be more grateful if anyone of you can fill me with some ideas to not to end up with the same fate on this new camera.


Thanks again

Smiley Very Happy


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