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Canon Powershot sx50 video quality problems


I'm relatively new at working with video editing. I use Adobe Premiere Elements 9, and when I record with my Canon Powershot sx50 HS I get fuzz or fog when playing it on my computer. It's odd because when I put the video on my Samsung S4 and convert it into MP4 format the quality looks way better than on my computer. If I could get someone's email also I can hit up about general questions that would be awsome. I basically want to get the best quality out of the camera as possible. My lighting in my room is good so I don't understand why I get fog on my computer but not on my phone. As for my settings I use the DSLR-1080p DSLR-1080p24 then MPEG - Preset H.264 1920X1080i 30 which is Widescreen 16:9 Profile: High - Level: 4.0 - VBR,1 Pass Target Bitrate 20 Mbps Max Bitrate 21 Mbps Framerate 29.97 fps I'm wondering if my settings are wrong? What are the best Premiere Elements settings for a Cannon sx50?