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Canon Powershot SX530 HS WiFi Connection Problem


I hope this is the proper place to seek advice.


Right now seems like a good time to post a WiFi connection issue for my Canon Powershot SX530 HS that has existed from day 1 of Windows 10 Pro. It worked fine on this Toshiba Satellite P50 laptop in the OEM Windows 8.1 Pro and in a different laptop running Windows 10 Home.


Let’s forward to today, a posting I had since the early Windows 10 days on Microsoft community for this issue had no real solutions. Until Dec 2017 when a reply indicated that a fellow had manually installed the camera and it worked.

This prompted explorations on my machines anticipating maybe Microsoft had addressed the issue: HP Desktop works fine now, HP laptop works fine now. So yes Microsoft had done something good.


This laptop still does not connect; however, it is closer than ever. When the Wifi is activated on the camera and it sees this laptop and I select it, I see on the laptop the icon appear in the network view of Windows File Explore. Add a Device is started, but the camera is not found. So it seems that both the laptop and the camera are aware of each other, but I can’t add the camera as a device. So I can’t connect. I’ve seen traffic on this before, but most get it solved when they added the camera via Add a Device. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software to no avail.


I have Norton Internet Security and disabled the Firewall and Auto Protect to no avail.


Deeply Frustrated – can someone please help here?



Hello Members


Great News!


Solved: My Powershot SX530 HS now connects to this laptop every time.


Solution: A bit unknown at this point – maybe a fresh reload of Windows 10 Pro


Action: Due to other issues, I reset my laptop to a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro and then loaded all Windows updates. After initial reset and each major update I checked if I could now connect my powershot 530 and in all cases it has and continues to connect.


Comment: Since I worked very diligently with Canon Tech support both by email then by phone back in Feb 2018, they readily know most of the Windows touches needed for WiFi connections, but apparently, not all of them. I do appreciate all of the recommendations from the forum members. Having the recommendations kept my hope up. I’d say at this point that something in Windows 1803 fixed this problem in general, but my laptop at that time had some incorrect setting that will remain unknown to me.


As stated Problem Solved


View solution in original post


Rising Star

At the laptop computer the camera app must be installed first, open the app, after wifi is enabled, select a device, select control panel to select  add a device. If the control panel is not available , type it to go to control panel, not a place in windows file explorer. ( You can also click windows logo, control panel, add a device )

Other things to consider:

Do it in a place without wall/barrier between laptop and router.

Upgrade wifi driver.




First let me thank you for very relevant good suggestions.


For a most transparent and simple application to highlight this issue:

I recently installed the Canon CameraWindow and associated software

The driver for my ethernet controller was just updated to the latest version.

I connected the laptop directly to the access point router via ethernet.

(My desktop machine is connected in the exact same way and it connects fine and can transfer images.)

When I activate the WiFi on the camera and select Add a Device, it sees the laptop as a connected device. I select the laptop. It tries to connect.

On the laptop:

I select All Settings > search for Control Panel and select it. In the classic Control Panel,  I select Devices and Printers. In devices and Printers, I select Add a Device. The laptop cannot discover the camera. The camera and laptop do not connect and CameraWindow does not start. If I try to start CameraWindow it says cannot detect camera.

All the while this is going on if I open File Explorer and select Network, it shows the camera in the Camera section. But it is not connected. I'd again like to point out that all of this worked fine with Windows 8.1 Pro just not with Windows 10 Pro from day 1.


I hope on this wonderful Valentines day you have further thoughts



Really its hard to find the solution to wifi problem because we do not know how these devices inter act with other, however if you try and search for solution, you will get it. See this sample if this can help you.


Also hoping canon will shed a light on this particular problem.



Again, Thanks for putting your eyes on this.


I had actually found that video previously at watched it. It does look like Windows 8.1 was the OS for this instructive video. Alas, it only shows what I've already covered.


So, I submitted an email to support to see if Canon will address this issue. In addition to the SX530Hs, I have anSX560HS awaiting progress here.



 "The camera and laptop do not connect and CameraWindow does not start. If I try to start CameraWindow it says cannot detect camera."


As if there is no wifi connection between computer and camera. Try this procedure if this will help.

First is camera off. Make the computer wifi dominant first by clicking icon of airplane/network on the bottom right side of screen and make wifi is on. Open camera app and do next procedures until it says " camera not connected". This time make camera on and wifi on, and get the  SSID and Password then enter in the computer that says "connect to network."


If this will not work run a wifi troubleshooting from system maintenance.

You can find other troubleshooting method from micrososft community forum.

I have the same problem and haven't had the camera more than two weeks.  According to the owners manusal page 105 the Canon software is not compatible with Windows 10


I have tried to download it twice and it has locked up my computer.  It is also 32bit and my computer is 64 if that means anything!


I am dissapointed and hope there is a solution!



Since the software is not compatible, manual says it is 32 bit and your computer is 64 bit - you can email canon for giving you the way how to download 64 bit software.


The link above click on email us and ask them to provide link to download your needed software.




CaptMc if your computer is 32 bit that is the problem if you install a 64 bit canon software. 

So do not use wifi, just plug in your camera card to the card reader.



The software written for 32 bit machines will run fine on 64 bit machines, but not the reverse. I have the Camera Window software on 3 Windows 10 Pro machines. As you may have seen from this thread on two of my machines everything works as expected including wifi. If I use a USB cable to connect the camera to the computers it all works on all machines. One thing to ensure is that your anti-virus and any malware software does not get in the way. There are some programs that I have to disablee my firewall to install.


Downloading and installing the sodftware should work for you.



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