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Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Memory Card Error/Lock Error


Hello everyone,


I have a Canon PowerShot SX60 HS that is having issues reading any SD/SDHC memory card. When I first turn on the camera, it tells me there is a memory card error, and when I go to format it, the option is grayed out. Even when I actually format it on Windows and insert the cards back in nothing happens. I did discover that when I hit the photo view button under the on/off button that it's thinking the cards are locked, when in fact they're not. I did also get a flash light and look down the SD card slot to make sure there was no debris or tiny objects sitting down at the bottom.


Does anyone have a recommendation on what I should try to do to solve this? I am thinking the best option now is just to replace the board assembly that the SD card slot is attached to, assuming something mechanical may be broke.









HI Shawn


Welcome to the forum.


A question... obviously it was working at one time, so what happened when you last used it successfully.   Did you by any chance take the card out of the slot while the camera was turned on?  I have heard of a case where the card was removed during a read/write cycle and the camera was convinced the card was locked (for writing) and refused to have anything to do with it or another card.


One thing I might suggest is to reset the camera back to its default settings.

cheers, TREVOR

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Shawn,


Thanks for posting.


In general, we recommend against the practice of formatting your memory card anywhere, except the camera. Having said that, since the card wasn't being recognized by the camera, I do understand choosing that option.


When your camera produces the "Card Locked" error message, even if the card's lock is in the correct position (closest to the metal contacts on the card), you may want to cycle the lock back and forth a couple of times.


Since this has happened with (at least) two cards, it may be worth examining the cards you're using. Your camera accepts SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards.


While we don't recommend specific brands or models of cards, we do recommend that you use a memory card produced by a major manufacturer that closely adhere to the current industry standards. You may see the standards at


We recommend against the use of cards that require an adapter to fit in the camera (i.e. micro-SD or Mini-SD). The increase in the number of connections between the camera and memory card (from the memory card to the adapter, then from the adapter to the camera) makes a malfunction more likely.


If the cards you're using already meet these recommendations, your camera will require service to resolve this issue.


You may set up the repair of your camera at this site: When accessing our site, we recommend the use of updated versions of the Chrome or Firefox browsers.


Once on our site, click on "Request Product Repair". On the next page, begin entering your camera's model, then select the appropriate model, when it appears below. Next, fill in the information on this page, and those that follow.

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