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Canon PowerShot A80 Memory Card Error


Hi guys! I just bought a camera off ebay and it turns on and all the buttons work. But the problem is when I take a picture it takes a while to load and after it has been captured the screen says "Memory Card Error". Then when I go to the photos it shows the picture for a second and then says "Corrupt Data" and never shows it again. It will not save any of the photos after that. I have already changed the batteries, erased all the images, formatted the memory card over 20 times, removed the memory card and blew on it and the storage compartment. I have done everything I can think of and really need help. If anyone has any advice it would really help! (The Compact Flash is brand new from Best Buy [the seller told me and it looks and feels new] and it is the San Disk brand, this gold color).



So the memory card came with the camera? Is it a full-sized SD card, or a micro-sized card with adapter?  Micro-sized cards can cause lots of issues.

I would first pick up a new full-sized SD card (e.g. SanDisk).  Perhaps stick with a maximum of 32 GB.  Also ensure it will be a UHS-I card (not UHS-II).

Also, reset the camera's settings back to defaults.   If the problem persists, return the camera for a refund.

Note for the future: While sometimes ebay is about the only location to purchase very old equipment, you'd be far better off purchasing equipment from authorized Canon resellers.  If budget is a concern, look for refurbished models at Canon's online store.


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What is the size of your CF card? It is an old camera so a large capacity CF card might not work.

Also take a look inside the CF slot so nothing is bent.


Look down into the CF card slot to see if any pins are bent or missing. Bent pins can break if trying to straighten them, so keep your fingers crossed.

If the problem came with the camera, return it. Ebay will authorize a return even if this was a "No Returns" listing if the camera was defective when you got it.