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Canon G7X - After reaching 9999 photos, all subsequent photos taken don't show up

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I ended up reaching 9999 photo captures on my G7X, afterwards, my photo file names restarted and reset to 0001. However, unforunately, none of those subsequent photos show up. I had geo-loccation tagging on my phone setup, and was hoping to tag the location of the photos.


I have tried renaming the files, changing them to a new SD card, nothing is working.


I would like to:

1) Get the files to show under the cameras preview mode

2) Send the GPS loccation information to the photos.


I would like to get this to work. In the mean time, I am using another SD card for the time being because I don't want to erase or mess with the files. If I take pictures with this new SD card, everything works fiine, the pictures show up in the cameras preview mode.


If anyone could help me out, that would be great.




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These 9999 photos aren't all on still the SD card, are they?

The camera will name the shots 0001 through 9999 and then start over. Or you can have it reset at 0001 every time you put in an empty card.

You should do something like putting each batch of photos in their own storage folder on your hard drive each time you upload. If you just leave them all in one folder you will get them messed up one way or another. I create a folder on the computer for every upload. Format I use is yyyy-mm-ddd; short description. Like

"2015-06-01; wave pool and picnic"

...and then I erase the card.

If you put a new series of image files in the same folder with the old ones once the names have started over again at 0001 you will be overwriting images.

You can also go into the tools tab in menu and go down to Create Folder and select "Daily" and it will create a new file folder each new day you shoot. It might help you but it seems like a bit of a pain to have the photos on the card in lots of different folders.

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No, not all 9999 photos are on the SD card, it was just maybe 1000 or so.


When I try and use the Canon Camera Connect app to add GPS, it doesn't add any GPS data. When I try and view the images directly from the camera, it doesn't "see" any of the new images, even after renaming the CANONMSC to *_bak.


I use different SD cards every time I go out to new locations. With a continuous naming scheme, to see how many pictures I have taken. I do format the data on the SD cards.


My issue is only that I can't add GPS data to the images at this point.

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You can also set the images to be stored in a Daily or Mothly folder


As far as your GSP problem you have the correct date, time and time zone set ?

 During playback of your images can you see the GPS info there? You have to press the down arrow on the func/set wheel to toggle thru till you get to the display of full information like the GPS info.

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I can show you a video of what I mean tomorrow (it is currently 23:30 where I am).


Because the problem itself is a bit confusing for me to descibe I suppose. It's a combination of problems.