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G7X mark III - problem with bracketing




When I turn on AE bracketing and press the shutter, the camera does not automatically take three photos with different exposure settings. Instead, it takes one photo with "normal" exposure, the next time I press the shutter, it takes another photo with a different exposure setting (e.g. +1), and the next time I press the shutter with a different setting (e.g. -1). So I have to press the shutter three times to take a picture with bracketing. It makes various problems, mainly with the fact that every time the camera focuses again, my hand may move, etc.


To take three photos automatically, I must additionally enable continuous shooting mode. Then the camera will take three photos with different exposure settings and stop taking continuous shooting (like it is written in the manual). It is, however, onerous and completely unintuitive. Is this normal in Canons? Can it be configured somehow to make it easier?


WB bracketing is even worse. After starting WB bracketing, the camera behaves as in the case of AE bracketing, so I have to press the shutter three times to take three photos with different WB settings. But there I can't use continuous shooting mode, because the camera does not stop this mode after three pictures, it takes them as long as I keep the shutter pressed. It takes continuous photos, but subsequent photos have different WB settings - first, second, third, first, and so on.


Is this normal on Canon cameras? Or I just don't know how to configure it? Or is it a software bug (it's 1.1.0 version)?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi regnotyp,


Yes, that's going to be standard across the cameras for bracketing exposures.

Well, from these few cameras I've used, I've never seen such bracketing work. I looked into the manual and according to it, it should be like that: (for WB bracketing)


"Three images are captured per shot, each with different color tones".


Similar for AE bracketing:


"Over a series of three images captured as you press the shutter button"


So, I still don't know what's wrong - manual or camera?

It sounds like you have the camera set to One Shot or Single Shot mode. According to the manual it looks like you'll want to be in Low Speed or High Speed Continuous Shooting mode. Check pages 122 and 123 in your manual for more information.


Either that or you are pressing and releasing the shutter button too quickly. It sounds like the shutter button has to be held fully depressed until all three exposures are taken.


I suspect that both AE Bracketing and AF Bracketing work similarly.


Screenshot_2019-11-30 Advanced User Guide - psg7x-mk3-ug2-en pdf.pngScreenshot_2019-11-30 Advanced User Guide - psg7x-mk3-ug2-en pdf.png