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Cannot connect to my computer .. it will get disconnected or cannot find pc.


I'm  having trouble connecting to my computer about a month ago I don't have this trouble now I can't even transfer my pictures to my pc,either or the camera will show not connected, cannot detect, not found ... I have check everything but still the same. did follow on setting up wifi connections did uninstal and reinstall camera software still the same,your help is appreciated.Thank you.



Spend $15.00 at WalMart or anywhere and get a card reader.  A little plastic thing that plugs into any USB port.  You stick your SD (or other) card into it and then it is just like any disk drive on the computer.  You dont need to worry about getting the camera and the computer to talk.


For the camera:


Try rebotting the computer WHILE the camera is connected.  Turn computer off and on again WHILE the camera is connected.


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Why do so many people say "FER-tographer"? Do they take "fertographs"?

Thank you so much I highly appreciated your answer.

Is your computer running Windows 10.  There are issues with the Wireless connection to Windows 10.  However you should connect with the USB cable.