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I have a canon sx50 with a lcd screen that is not working. The viewfinder is working properly and when I hit the button DSP the lcd screen somewhat gets black grayish collor, but does not go anywhere beyond that.
The warranty is over and the technicians of my city are not reliable.
Could someone please spread some light on this?


Rising Star

In shooting mode, press menu, select tool tab, select LCD brightness and adjust, use arrow to adjust.

Press Func/set, select Ev and adjust + or _, or see ISO is very high value, lower it down.



HI, thank you for the mindful reply. I have tried it before changing LCD brightness and now again, unfortunately this did not worked. I also  put ISO in the lowest and highest mode , with no success.
The grayish screen happened after I went to the beach with the Camera and since then is not working anymore.


You can see the menus and settings on the LCD but not live video?

Does it take a picture? If so can you view pictures on the camera's LCD?

It sounds like you have a component failure internally in which case it would be expensive to repair and probably better to replace with a refurbished SX50. I own 2 SX50 HS's.

If it is not an internal problem then resetting to defaults thru the settings menu might help also try removing the battery then hold the power on button down for about 30 seconds then replace battery and try again.

If the shutter got stuck I've heard where setting up a long exposure in the seconds range then taking a picture and opening up the battery compartment during the exposure gives enough of an electrical jolt to free up the shutter...might need to do that more than once.

Im just throwing out some ideas for you to try.

Thank you so much, John! I will try all this and I will be back bringing the results.  The LCD is not working neither in shooting mode or in menu mode. I am just able to see all through the viewfinder.

I ve tried reseting  and also holding power button. It did not work.
It really seems like an internal failure. I think I will get use to the viewfinder only because is insane expensive the technical assistance in my city.
Thank you all for the support and tips.

The cost of repair in general is insane everywhere.

Good luck to you and I hope the LCD begins to work again as mysteriously as it stopped

Thank you, John!  The grayish light that comes from LCD when switched to it gives me some hope that it will work again.
I live in Amazon, here not only is expensive, but most of technicians are careless. If I send to repair will probably be back with two new problems. Anyway, the viewfinder is very useful yet.
All the best to you!

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