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Blank screen on Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

Screen blank in shooting mode, works in pic review, including menu


Is the veiwfinder on instead?

On the back of your cmera bottom right that larger dial has a DISP. symbol on the bottom. Try pressing that several times to see if it toggles the shooting veiw from Veiwfinder to LCD to both.

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What is the best way to custom the display screen. There are two options for the lcd screen. I have ticked the boxes I want. I don’t want the black screen when I toggle. How do I stop it. 

Thank you so much, I have been stressing all morning thinking my camera was broken and that worked!


Thanks again!

How did you get your camera to work mine is the 50 with black screen toggle back and for with the display doesn't work please help



I should have said 50x I went to each setting and reset all of them but no luck. Madding not having my camera just after two months. I can't see through my viewfinder as well.


I have tried almost everything nothing works do have any LCD screens around you can send me. I am on full disability photography that is all that I do besides my computer for editing. Maybe a early christmas!!


Tim Gallant


after awhile it worked fore me too

I've tried this several times with no results. Is there another setting that could interfere with this operation?

I know about hitting the displace button to get the screen back on...but why does it go off ?

Is this something built in ..and if so why??

In your settings, check your Power Saving settings where you can set the time before the LCD turns off automatically. Yours may be set for a short time. You can also turn off the power saving so it will never turn off too.

Thanks I will try that.

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