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Best SD card for G7X

Hi there,

I’m just looking for some advice please. I’ve recently bought a pre-owned Canon Powershot G7X. I want to use the camera to shoot videos for YouTube.

I understand that I need a Class 10 memory card, but I’m not sure which write speed would be best and the most suitable card capacity for video.

I’ve been advised that it’s a good idea to have a spare memory card and a spare battery.

I’m looking at SanDisk memory cards and official Canon batteries but open to alternative suggestions.

Thank you 🙂


This is a link the Canon Product Support home page. 


Follow the instructions, and type the model name of your camera.  When you see it appear in a drop down list, select it, and press [ENTER].  This is how you find the Product Support page for your camera model, camcorder, printer, etc.


You can download software for your camera from the product support page.  You can also download the full User Manual, which details what type of memory cards that you should use.  Notice that Micro-SD cards are not listed, and should not be used.


I would use Sandisk Extreme 32GB cards in older cameras, such as yours.  These are the SDHC cards, which have a maximum capacity of 32GB.  Your camera is listed to work with SDXC cards, 64 GB and up, but your camera's CPU is likely to slow down its' performance managing all of that extra storage space.


I recommend only using genuine Canon batteries and chargers.  The substitute batteries do not hold a charge as long as the Canon batteries, and sometimes they have been known to fail to communicate with the camera.  Your camera itself shuts down to protect itself when this happens.


Also, only buy memory cards and chargers from Factory Authorized Canon dealers.  I like to shop online at B&H Photo Video in NYC, instead of bidding sites like Amazon or eBay.  Both are breeding grounds for fraud and counterfeit gear.  If you are not very familiar with the electronic products, then I strongly recommend that you do not purchase that particular electronic product on Amazon or eBay,

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thank you so much for such a detailed response, that’s really helpful!

I was going to go for a 128gb card, but had not considered how this might slow down performance, so I think I will now go for a couple of the 32GB cards you have recommended and swap them over once full.

Thank you for the advice on the Canon batteries too. I have the original battery but would like a spare and will go for another Canon one.

Thanks again, Best wishes 🙂
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