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Bad Repair Experience


2 out of 4 of our Canon cameras have had problems. While vacationing in Laos, the wifes 'Pink' camera lost function indicating "Charge Battery" even after trying multiple full batteries. Got back to US, sent camera in, they sent back  a refurbished 'Black' camera.


14Mar 2014 Called and got transfered to superviser, we told him about no returning 'Pink' camera which we paid extra for. Canon's supervisor offered no apologies or any mitigation even though we've had a 50% camera failure rate. We are likely done with Canon with the supervisor pushing us towards abandoning Canon products.


Very disappointed with Canon's reprentative.

Hope anyone else will have better experience with any repairs.









This is obviously a guess but if the original camera was out of warranty & the cost to repair would have been excessive vs supplying the black refurb under the Customer Loyalty Program that might explain it. In today's market it's cheap to build things but expensive to have a qualified technition rebuild them.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

I have received nothing but condescending attitudes and outright lies from canon, service is the worst.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told, "I am as high as you can go".  I guess that jerkoff was the CEO.  My camera was not out of warranty and they keep sending me somebody elses problems.  Thanks canon, thanks a lot.

Actually, camera recieved Nov 2013 from B&H Photo, unit failed in Dec during a 6 week holiday in Laos, Burma, Thailand. Contacted Canon via email, did the suggested push all buttons thing, still problems. Ask about repairs in Bangkok were there are Canon offices, but US purchases are NOT covered by warranty outside US. Looking back, we should have had it repaired and incurred the cost.


Canon was responsive with emails on the initial issue, sent camera in for repairs late Feb 2014. 


Hate to see Canon represented by the insensitive supervisor I had the displeasure of speaking with.

I realize camera sales are down, but treatment like this does not incurr loyalty in the brand.


Hi jimi,


We're pulling some strings and will be in touch with you soon.

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