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(Another) Wifi Connection Problem Support Thread


Hello--I'm only posting because the previous solutions in this forum, which did work, have stopped helping and I'm stumped.


I have two Windows 10 Pro 64-bit machines: a Surface Pro, and a desktop. Naturally, they share the same Wifi network. My Canon Powershot G7X Mk 2 connects flawlessly to the Surface Pro, and did on the first try. Previously it connected to my desktop with no small effort (the ritual of resetting the wifi connection and searching for a new device in the Control Panel when it connected--the in the future, removing the "old" device under Devices and Printers, and doing it again if I was connected more than a week later, roughly).


Now, nothing happens. There is no "old" device. My camera sees both computers fine, and will see my desktop (suggesting all the proper wifi settings are toggled, as done via the Canon application you download and install as part of the software suite), but spins endlessly. Searching for a new device...reveals nothing, except my own devices (and a neighboring one). There is one device in the search window marked "Unknown", but connecting to it yields no result (and since the "Unknown" device was probably there when I was able to connect via Wifi a year ago, I doubt that's it).


Any help as to what to do now would be much appreciated. Connecting my camera via wifi to my Surface Pro, and then sending those photos to my desktop, seems kind of stupidly tedious. 


I have been using WiTuners On-Demand software for wifi optimization which WLANs run at their maximum capacity whenever needed.

@Synthesis wrote:

For old times sake, I tried switching out the MicroSD card...

Well here's something easy, and probably free, to try.


Remove the MicroSD card and adapter and replace with a recommended full-size SD card. Be sure to format the full-size card in the camera and reset the time and date info. For the life of me I can't see how or why it should act any differently. But it's not uncommon here for people to report strange behavior with MicroSD cards that clears up after switching to a good quality full-size SD card.

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