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1991 Sure shot max question


Sorry but there isn't a help section for point and shoot film cameras. I love my sure shot max but it can be very finicky. I have never been able to successfully load portra 400 or kodak gold 400 into the camera and when I recently used ultramax 400, the results were unsalvageable. Can this film not handle 400 films or is there something else going on? When I load the portra 400 into the camera I load the film like any other film, close the door, and the motor runs but then the lens won't open and the camera doesn't turn on (the battery is not dead). Can anyone help me out with this or know what might be wrong? 



A quick look online shows the camera has an ISO range of 25-3200.

The ISO speed of the film has nothing to do with how the camera turns on, lens door opening, film transport, etc. Are you saying you only have trouble with films of ISO 400?  Other speed films work properly?

Sounds more like your 31-year-old camera has reached the end.