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to use the imageCLASS MF8280Cw without internet


can canon MF8280Cw multifunction can be used even without internet? how? 




The printer supports 3 connection methods.  USB, Ethernet or Wireless.  None of them depend on or require a internet connection to function.


Without internet, you will not be able to use any cloud based features like scan to email, but printing and scanning to / from devices on a local network is possible.  You can also print or scan to / from a device connected via USB.

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The problem is people that don't have internet, or easy access to wifi internet in their home because they live rurally, don't bother having a router set up either, and are often living on minimal power situation as well.  So the question should be "Can you print wirelessly directly from a device to the printer without a network and a router?"  When I was setting up my Canon 2922, I remember vaguely seeing a question about direct print, so I thought I could find info, now later, but it's harder to find than I thought.  Lots of trial and error in setting up a canon printer.  When looking for that wireless, good to have the wireless button flashing on the printer before you try installing the printer on the device.  You get that button flashing by holding it down.  Two flashes is what is required and then you have to act at the device end and if you missed it try again.  You will probably miss the first time.  Don't sweat it.  Try again.  Canon is all about try again.


Simply, you don't need to be connected to the Internet outside world.. You DO need a local network set up in your house, with a router. This gives computers and printers network (IP) addresses so they can see and connect to each other.

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