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mf8350cdn cannot perform "Clean Fixer Unit" and printing problems


I was printing some color pages when the printer suddenly printed a very low-quality B&W page, then started making a noise like it was trying to feed more paper, but doesn't.


No error codes or anything come up.


I tried restarting and it just makes the same 'failed paper feed' noise until I cancel the job and turn it off.


I cleaned the ITB, but when I try to clean the Fixing Unit, the same noise happens and nothing else for many minutes until I cancel and turn off.


Any ideas what could be wrong?


Running Windows 10.







UPDATE: Performed "Clean Feeder" successfully and the printer worked fine for 1 whole day, now it's back to the same problem. Help!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Timemech,


In this situation it looks like the job is not processing properly or there is a problem with the printer's hardware. To assist further with the issue, we would need some additional information. If you could please reply to this message with the information below, we would be happy to assist.


  1. When you attempt to make a copy, do you run into the same issue?
  2. What does it show for the status of the job in your print queue?
  3. If you perform another feeder cleaning does it continue to work?

To receive support in a more timely manner or to check your service options, you can sign in or log into your My Canon account using the link provided HERE.

I have no idea why, but it has not exhibited any problems for weeks now. I didn't do anything to drivers or hardware so I am stumped.


If I have trouble agin, I will return to this tread.  Thanks, Hector.'s doing it again now.


Seems to be only when the temperature drops to the low 30s outside since (looking back) that's what happened the other times it did this.


Very weird. The printer sits next to an outside wall undera window, but it isn't like our house doens't have heat.  It does get cold there sometimes though.


Could this be a temperature issue?

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