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mf733cdw Firmware Update Started, LCD Screen Now Blank



I need a little help, please. My LCD screen is blank.


I just moved my mf733cdw priner to a new location. Connected it to my network using an Ehternet cable. Same cable that I used for the previous printer in that location. Ran the maintenace routines. Then ran the firmware update using the wired Internet connection. At the time, I had not confgured the printer to a computer.


I went away for more than 30 minutes. When I returned the printer was humming and the LCD screen blank. Went away for a bit longer. Came back and the printer was silent and the LCD screen still blank. I turned off the computer for several minutes. Turned it on, the printer hummed and the LCD screen was blank.


Installled an USB cable directly to my computer to see if the printer would hand shake with my MacBook Pro (Mac os 10.3.6). The Mac does not recognize the printer.


All the reset instructions that I found requird an active LCD screen. Mine is blank. I looked for a hardware reset button. Found a connector on the botto but nothing that looked like a reset button.


Any suggestios will be appreciated.


Michele Wynne



I have the same problem, printer itself is fine. Just the LCD screen is blank (white screen).