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imageclass d570 stoppped scanning


My machine will no longer scan a document to be saved to the computer (Windows 10) with a USB connection. When using the "scanning from the machine directions," I first press the COPY/SCAN button and get "select the scan type" with "Computer" showing. Pressing OK yields a "Connect the computer" message. I know the computer is connected since I can print a document sent from the computer. I've also tried using the SCAN>PC key, followed all the directions to get "settings applied" message. Nothing happens when I press the SCAN>PC key. This has worked for me previously but not now.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello RonO,

If you are having problems scanning to your Windows 10 computer, you can try reinstalling the scanner driver and MF Scan utility from our Canon USA site using the link HERE. To scan to a Windows 10 computer the MF scan utility will need to be installed and running properly. Once the recommended files have been installed, you can try scanning again to see if it works. If you continue to have issues, you can contact support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to help.