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imagePROGRAF 500 - INK Forever missing


Hello, I had a terrible idea to buy the imagePROGRAF 500.

It is exactly the same as imagePROGRAF 1000, but for asia, so the ink that this printer can use ( PFI-50 ) is never abailble, out of stock for MONTH and MONTH. while you wait, for a colour, the other colour will lose their ink little by little.

you need 12 different cartridge of 50 USD each.


I'm really disappointed, and you cannot use the PFI-1000 INK of the other printer...

It looks like they produce a tiny amount a ink per year, so this printer is a giant useless block.


Do someone have an idea of what could I do ? some unnoficial INK ? some technique to be able to use the PFI-1000 ? 


Thanks a lot .


Very disapointed by CANON on this.