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imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Missing Canon paper from ICC profile, foggy colors


2 Questions from e roookie

Hi all

 i just got a PRO 300, the screen is calibrated (BenQSW270C), i use Canon PPL from Lightroom and averything works just fine but i am struggeling with two things.

1. When using ICC profiles not all Canon paper is in the list of ICC profiles. For example, the Fine Art Rough.
    So is there a list of what ICC to use for the papers that dont have their own ICC profile?
    Should i use Light Fine Art in PPL and printer or Heavy Fine Art ?

2. The color is most of the time just spot on, besides the green for some reason.
     But when i picked Fine Art Smooth in Lightroom as Softproofing the softproof went very doll and soft as expected
     So i adjusted Dehaze, Clarity and contrast until the softproof was much more crisp and clear.

    I printed the softproof but the print was still VERY soft and doll, like a fog over the picture.
    My quastion, if i edit the softproof in lightrrom and PPL, should not the print be very similar to the softproof then ??

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