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imageCLASS MF634Cdw 5-button limit for "Scan to Preset Destination"


I must be missing somethng. 

imageCLASS MF634Cdw

I have registered 5 "Scan to Preset Destination" buttons I need 8 minimum.

I can not find and mention of a limit in the documentation. 

Is this really limited to just 5?

Thank you




What is your list of destinations?


Computer, folder, email, etc?

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Adress book curently contatins two emails and two computers to scan to file. 
It will have a 4-6 computers and 6 emails soon. 

I may need it be able to scan in 4 differnt ways per system. 

PDF Color 2 sided 
PDF Color 1 sided 
PDF B/W 2 sided
PDF B/W 1 sided 

Not being able to do this really hurts the work flow. 



If I''m not mistaken (and I can be often LoL)..  I believe the Scan To Preset is part of the Applications Library and could be influenced by this 48mb limit.


I am still researching the issue.  The documentation is a little vague on this and I cannot tell if these are a "mated" feature. 

Bay Area - CA

~R5 C ( ~RF Trinity, ~RF 100 Macro, ~RF 100~400, ~RF 100~500, +RF 1.4x TC, +Canon Control Ring, BG-R10, 430EX III-RT ~DxO PhotoLab Elite ~DaVinci Resolve ~Windows11 Pro ~ImageClass MF644Cdw/MF656Cdw ~Pixel 8
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Thank you for your time. 

It is part of the application library. 

These instructions sets even if not stored in a data base are on the order of bytes. 
Even if the code is supper sloppy each "button" couldn't use more than a few K. 

I suppose it is possible the allocated memory limit is so small it can only hold 5 presets, given how a number of the other menus/features work that would make this printer nearly unusable for an office of more than 1-2 people and only if they have limited scanning needs. 

(incoming tangent)
The scan to computer menu is a hot mess as well, I have to put a label on the machine to tell people what Custom 1 and Custom 2 are as there is no way to change the label that I can find. It is also quite limiting if you need to scan in more than 4 ways. (the PDF types Listed above and 2 types of images.) But that is another thread. 

Hi A_Noid.


There are a limited number of button entries that may appear on the unit's home screen, including the undeletable default options.  You may wish to set the basic options as buttons, and allow the users to set the destination themselves.  Destinations may be preset separately, for use when scanning or faxing.


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The people you work with might be able to handle navigateing the UI, the people in my office, not so much. 
Not to mention if they have to double check all the settings every trip to the machine even more productivity will be lost. 

We can't as far as I can see set up a preset button where people can pick the destination. 

As far as the number of buttons that can be displayed I think I have more than enough room for what I according to the manual and advertisement when I purchased the machin said I could do. 


If I am missing a way to set up buttons with presets like in my post above that can just choose the destination that would be acceptable could you please point me in the direction of how to do that? 

I have spent the last half hour setting up some "favorites", they are not as ideal as the "scan to destination" buttons.

For some people letting them tweak settings is fine, for others it is a constant source of problems.
It would be nice if we as admins had the choice of which solution to implement. 

Currently it seems we do not and that is disapointing, 
As is the inablity to register favorites via the remote UI.


Are any news in this limitation to 5 issue?!



Had a call with canon support and they didn't know about this limitation. I just found about it in this thread.

Can`t believe Canon made a limitation AND DON'T WRITE IT IN THE DOCUMENTATION!Woman Mad




I also just ran into the 5-button limitation when setting up my second user. Agree that this is a HUGE problem