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imageCLASS MF269dw Problems Printing PDFs


I am attempting to print a PDF from my Macbook, v 13.3.1, to a new MF 269DW VP2 printer. The output is slightly hazy and the fonts are not printing correctly (incorrect spacing with certain characters). The document does print correctly from Microsoft Word for Mac. It did print correctly to my old HP Printer.

I have reinstalled printer and print drivers, attempted to use both versions of "generic" print drivers (postscript and PCL under IPP) available on the mac - none of these options works. I have also wiped the Library files and reinstalled the driver software as indicated in other posts addressing a similar problem.

The fonts used in the pdf document are embedded and standard, Garamond & Times New Roman.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get a PDF to print correctly to this printer?


Product Expert
Product Expert


If you are having problems printing PDFS from the Mac using the drivers. In a situation like this, I would suggest contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be able to check the settings in the PDF program or check the driver install for any issues. We would be happy to assist with the issue. To provide some feedback or some troubleshooting steps, we would need some additional information. If you could reply to this message with the information below, we can provide some assistance.

  1. What program are you printing the PDF files from and does the issue occur in any other programs?
  2. When printing, do you get any errors on the display or Mac?
  3. Could you attach a sample image of the PDF prints?

Thanks for the reply. In answer to your questions:

1. I am printing from Adobe Acrobat Reader version 2023.001.20177 on a Macbook Pro M1 2021 running Ventura 13.3.1(a).

2. No errors are reported on the display or on the Mac.

3. Image is attached. Document is in Garamond 10.5 point font with Italics in 12 point and following line also in 12 point.


character printing errors noted in blue inkcharacter printing errors noted in blue ink


I was unable to locate any driver issues that would cause the issue that was posted. In this situation, I would have to suggest contacting support over the phone. They can try different printer settings or prints from other programs. They can also test with other documents to see if they can recreate the issue or see what might be causing the problem.