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imageCLASS MF269dw -- Printer says toner out for months but keeps on printing fine


I have a imageCLASS MF269dw. The printer has indicated no toner left for months. Toner level is at 0%. Drum Cartridge is at 70%.  Yet, the print quality is fine. I didn't plan to change the cartridge until the print quality is truly bad. I'm on my 2nd toner cartridge since purchasing the printer in 2020. I am using a genuine Canon cartridge. Counter is at 6844 -- though I need someone to tell me what that counter means.

If there is nothing to worry about, how do get the printer to recognize the toner level. It seems it starts warning me way too early to buy another cartridge.

Thank you!!



Product Expert
Product Expert


The toner level indicator is based off of an estimated page yield for the toner cartridge. The toner cartridge has a chip that keeps track of the page count and when it reaches the estimated page count, the toner level will be at 0.

The level for the toner cartridge can be at 0 and there can still be toner left since the level is based off of the estimated toner page yield. The printer can't detect the amount of toner powder in the cartridge itself and can only estimate. You can cancel any toner level errors that prevent you from printing and continue printing until you see a drop in print quality, but I would suggest having a toner cartridge ready for replacement..

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