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imageCLASS LBP151dw Prints QR Code as Total Black Square and How to connect it wirelessly


In the District Courts of India Canon imageCLASS LBP151dw printer is printing QR code as a total black square.  This issue is on all the printers.  All the computers are using ubuntu operating system.  But somehow I got solved this problem but I dont know how. Similarly I want to know how to take printout on that printer from mobile and ubuntu desktop. Any help please/


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Hi aniruddha_mohod,


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Hi aniruddha_mohod, I have your answer. Please open the pdf document with firefox after then try to print the document The QR code will be there.


@ad3.  This is a 4yr old thread.  Probably safe to assume the issue has been resolved or forgotten.  If you need assistance, please start a new thread.

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