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imageCLASS LBP236dw losing network connectivity?


I bought an LBP236dw about a month ago, and I've noticed that at some point it seems to lose its network connectivity (plugged in via ethernet). Checking the status screen it says it still has its (correct) IP address, but none of my devices (two Windows desktops, a Windows laptop, a Linux laptop, and an iPad Pro) are able to communicate with it. The print spoolers act as though it's not there, its management page at http://<ipaddress> times out, it can't be pinged, etc.

The only workaround seems to be to turn it off and back on, at which point any print spools that are still holding onto jobs will send them off (and the printer's web management page works again, and it responds to pings), but this is a really frustrating and annoying workaround, and not at all what I expect of an office printer. I should just be able to hit "Print", then walk over and pick my jobs up off the printer.


Rising Star

The common points in this setup are the printer, the Ethernet cable and the router. I'm not familiar with the 236 as I have an MF743.

If it is possible, could the printer be factory defaulted?