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i-SENSYS MF552dw Print is shifting


JUST NEW Canon MF 552 DW The printer is shifting the print while producing multiple outputs.

The printer is shifting the print while producing multiple outputs.I have 4 of these printers, and 2 of them are experiencing this issue. The printers are relatively new, and the print counts are around 3000 pages on average, so the printer shouldn't be behaving this way.It's true that there is minimal shifting when using original toner, but the shifting issue becomes more pronounced with compatible toner. I understand that Canon may not be very supportive of using compatible toner, but if the issue were solely due to the toner, I would have encountered the same problem with the other 2 printers as well. However, this problem is only occurring with these two printers, and even the Canon authorized service doesn't have a complete understanding of the root cause of the issue. Is there a chance to fix this problem, or is it a manufacturing defect in the products? I have approximately 100 Canon printers, including models 6140, 411, 416, 421, 426, 443, 453, 1238, and 1238II. I haven't experienced this issue with any of them straight out of the box. However, with the MF 552 DW, I've encountered the same problem twice, and I can't find a solution. In the meantime, I've managed to achieve smoother prints by reducing the print density settings and enabling high humidity mode or low humidity mode. However, this is not a real solution. I need a genuine solution to the problem. Can you help? --- And with my other two printers, I've printed 70,000 pages in 1.5 months without any issues.---WhatsApp Image 2023-09-12 at 15.34.38.jpeg