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Windows 11 LBP122DW installation failure


Just bought new Canon LBP122DW  for local USB printing from Dell laptop without optical disc reader.

1. Included CD is useless

2. I wasn't able to locate online setup file from Canon www sites.

3. Finally Windows 11 installed automatically something named LBP121/122 UFR II

4. Now, when attempting to print error LED starts blinking:

"No Paper: Drawer 1"

"LTR Plain 1"

Pushing OK is always required to print. Doesn't feel correct, can anybody help, what is wrong?

5. B/W LCD panel doesn't have back light and not readable without direct light onto LCD panel.

I Used phone torch function to read panel, is it by design or unit's panel just malfunctioning?

2023-10-23 19.30.54.jpg





Don't know where you looked for the driver, but here is Canon's site:

The "printer" that Windows automatically adds is not a fully functional thing. It's kind of a "phantom" device, lacking all the function it should have. You need to install the Canon driver to get a real working printer. After you do that you can delete the "phantom" one from Windows.


Thanks, I found same driver from EU site but setup couldn't detect USB printer.

As a result, when I started setup, connected USB printer and this setup couldn't detect printer, Windows likely installed this LBP121/122 UFR II driver. Canon setup never didn't complete.

Now when I know it's correct setup file, I'll try installation again.


Did you follow installation instructions precisely? Installing a USB printer commonly requires installing software BEFORE connecting the printer. Is this the case with yours, and did you do it?

Before attempting installation again, remove all traces of whatever got installed. Go to Settings > Apps and look for installed things relating to the printer.


I also purchased an CANON LBP122DW. I've installed a fair number of printers, but no one has been able to get it to work on a wired connection as did all my previous printers. It will only work if it's on my desk next to the pc with a usb cord. That is not an acceptable setup for me. I work from 4 pcs in the house. I'm accustomed to being able to print from any of them. I'd appreciate any help. The only driver we could locate is the Canon Generic Plus UFR II.


To receive assistance, please start a new thread.  Please include the specifics in regards to your operating system (version and build) and the preferred connection type.  USB, Ethernet or wireless.  Its helpful for those providing assistance.  This thread hasn't been active since last year.

Thanks in advance.


Bay Area - CA

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Hi Rick bay area !

Thank you for your time! My 4 pcs are all Thinkpads, windows 10. This one is Windows 10 pro, 10.0.19043 build 19043. The others must be the same just about.

I would like to connect by internet adsl cable. They are all wired to the fiber Livebox.



What still bothers me with this printer - doesn't printer's LCD display really hasn't a backlight?

Without backlight printer's display is readable only in a room with bright labs lamps.



Anyone owning Canon LBP122DW - does this printer B&W display has background lighting?

Thanks for reply.

The LCD display appears to be a backlit component however either they're all defective or the erp method of the firmware was never set Active|True|1|Enable on awake or Init as everyone who owns one has the same problem. It's only used for initial setup so I never bothered to disassemble to see if maybe the jumpers for the led were removed during assembly by mistake of English to Chinese translated blueprints. Im okay with it since Canon dropped the price 50% to compensate for the inactive led and it's otherwise the best laser printer Ive owned.

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