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When trying to print it brings up the fax menu MF236n


I updated to Windows 10 from 7, my MF236n wasn't scanning so I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers from the Canon site and that works now.

But when trying to print I get the fax menu.

if I go to Devices and Printers, my printer shows up as "Canon Generic Plus UFR II"

Under printer/FAX management if I click Display Print/FAX Queue, I will get a drop down for the FAX or "Canon MF230 Series UFRII LT", clicking that it says:

"Printer Canon MF230 Series UFRII LT does not exist on the computer."

(I'm connected by USB and can copy papers on the machine itself.)


I have the driver CD that it came with, should I use that again?


Please help, thank you.



I uninstalled and reinstalled drivers again and now it says:

Printer properties cannot be displayed.

Double check the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network.

Help please.



I am having this same issue and its incredibly frustrating. Is there any support that can be provided? 

I fixed the issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers again and time ran any executable file I could instead of using the driver program which claims to do it automatically.

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