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Toner Cartridge Door Will Not Close


Have an app. 3 week old Image Class MF269 DW multi-function printer. To clear a paper jam after trying all Canon methods, I removed the Drum and then the Toner cartridge and was  able to pull out the paper.


The  problem now is that after following the instructions for inserting new cartridges, the door does  not come even close to  closing. And even with both cartridges removed, it closes with what feels like spring tesion the last inch or so,and even then, doesn't lock. 


Any help would be appreciated. 




No re-assembly instructions or video exist.  You'll need to take the printer apart again and determine which part is not correctly positioned or seated.    It may be a good idea to contact Canon for help.  


Since your issue is not related to software or problem with operation, it will be hard to help.  This is really beyond the scope of support we as users can provide.  We cannot see what the problem or obstruction is.  I suggest you re-examine everything and attempt to determine what is keeping the drawer from closing correctly.  Hope you can figure it out.

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Much appeciated. 

While on infinate hold with Tech" Support, I'll slow down and take a much closer look. 

Hello Jc1brady,


If the toner cartridge door will not close, it will mean the cartridges are not seated properly or there is something wrong with the door. In this situation, I would suggest removing the toner and checking if the door will close. If it will, it usually mean the door is fine and the toner needs to be reseated. If the door still will not close it will mean there is something wrong with the hardware. Our service agents at 1-800-652-2666 would be happy to help with the issue and provide service options if needed.

This was very helpful. I removed the toner and put it back in. The door closed perfectly. thank you!