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Specifying output tray on Generic UFRII driver


I'm starting to think it's not actually possible.


Got an iR-ADV 6055 with a staple finisher; using the machine-specific drivers the Finisher properties page gives me the option of specifiying what output tray the print should go to, but using the Generic UFRII drivers this option doesn't seem to exist.  It seems to successfully detect the finisher fine, and provides all the finishing options for it -- *except* allowing to specify the output tray, which one would think is one of the simplest and most-used functions of the finisher.


Is it really impossible to do this with the Generic UFRII drivers?  Does it have to be done with the machine-specific UFRII driver?  That's hard to believe, but I'm running out of places to look for that setting.  (My local dealer is stumped too, for that matter.)