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Solution for imageCLASS ***Download Mode*** Waiting Message


I don't know if anyone still needs this solution but I'll post it here:

***Download Mode*** Waiting means your Cannon printer firmware has somehow been deleted or uninstalled from the printer and the printer is waiting for you to download the firmware it needs to run.

Now if this happens you'll need to do a few things in this order:

1. Download the latest firmware and drivers for your printer model from Cannon (unless you still have them on your PC). ***You'll be downloading drivers and the Firmware Update Tool***

2. If you happen to have your printer running on Wi-Fi you'll need to plug your printer into your PC using a USB printer cable ( because most likely, your printer screen is frozen at this point and won't respond over WIFI.)

3. Run the Firmware Update Tool and it will 'find' your printer and prompt you to install the latest firmware.

4. After the firmware is installed, restart your printer and unplug the USB printer cable if you want to go back to WiFi.





Thanks for posting your solution.  Did you have a question or need assistance updating your device?  If so, please post the model of your Canon printer, and information about the problem or issue you are experiencing.

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