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Scanner on MF264dw not working


My scanner stopped working. I am on win 11, when I press the scan/pc button it tells me to connect to a computer. I have connected with cable, and wifi, neither one works. Now even the window scan program is not working. My PDF maker turns the scanner on and starts scanning, but no data is transferred to the computer. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Besefr1,

To be able to scan properly and to scan using the operating panel, the scanner driver and the MF scan utility will need to be installed and operational. You can try downloading the two recommend files from our Canon USA support site using the the link HERE. Once both are installed, you can try scanning again from the operating panel or the MF scan utility to see if it works.




I downloaded and installed both files. However these are the problems that I have
1.   When I try to scan using the scan button on the computer, I get the error massage saying that the computer is not connected, even though the computer is connected and prints with no problem.

2.  The scan utility on the computer worked and then stopped working. When I use my PDF app (which was working yesterday)  I receive an error message, when I use Windows' scan app the scanner does work (you can hear the sound) but no file comes up (again this was working yesterday). I have tried rebooting the computer and printer several times, but the problem still exists. Please help. 

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