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Scan to email with Office 365


I have a client with an iR-ADV C2030 who just migrated to Office 365 and no longer have an Exchange server. I'm trying to get scan to email working again (it was setup previously via their old Exchange server) and I was able to get it working by setting up a virtual SMTP server in their new 2012 Essentials server but it's problematic and I want to get away from using any server if possible and go directly from the C2030 to O365.


In the C2030's email/fax settings you can set it up for SMTP RX an there are fields for SMTP Server, Email Address; and for SMTP TX, allow SSL and using SMTP authentication you specify a user email address and password.


I am assuming this is where it might be setup but if so I don't know what to fill in the fields with.


Has anyone setup a C2030 or a similar enough model for scan to email to Office 365 accounts that could guide me on how to do it? I haven't found anything specific enough at either Canon's or Microsoft's websites to be of help.






Tried this but not working


below are the settings on my canon  and error I'm getting while testing SMTPcanon smtp settings.jpg settings


canon error.jpg

I can't see the bottom of the first screenshot but it appears you're using TLS protocol. TLS won't work for O365. STARTTLS always works and is what Microsoft wants. I've gotten SSL to work but not often. Unfortunately scanners don't always include the STARTTLS protocol, especially older ones.

Its on STARTTLS in screenshot.

I have also tried none both giving same error

Sorry for the mistake in above reply its on always TLS but i was also tried StartTLS and having same error

Also, i wanted to know where i can find a utility to scan from a pc on canon Image Runner c3520i advance 


I tried Network scan gear tool 2 in settings its detecting my scanner but when i used windows scan utility on windows ten it's not scanning.


Sorry, can't help you with the scan software. As for the Canon scanning, as long I follow the directions in that document I sent you the link for and use STARTTLS and an O365 account, it should work. Oh yah, you might need to allow the public IP where the scanner is located in your public DNS record settings. That would be in the SPF record.

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