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Re: image class d420 copier says load paper cassette:ltr


My image class d420 doesn't print


window says: load paper cassette:ltr


data processing/ error light flashes red lit


any suggestions appreciated






Have you completed the suggested action...


"Load paper cassette/Ltr"


You'll need to provide more information.  Troubleshooting steps you have performed..  what you did, and the result.

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I took the toner cart. out looked for any paper stuck behind the clips

diidn't find anything cleaned rollers off  put the cart. back in but to no

avail copier still says load paper cassette: ltr


also put in new canon 104 cart.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


thanks roger



Hi Roger4,


Welcome to The Canon Forums!


The size of the paper in the paper cassette or multi-purpose tray is different from that of the paper specified in <PAPER SIZE> for <CASSETTE> or <MP TRAY>. You need to load the correct size paper (Ltr Letter Size) or change the paper size in <PAPER SIZE> for <CASSETTE> or <MP TRAY>.


1. [Paper Settings] repeatedly to select <CASSETTE> or <MP TRAY>, then press [OK].


*If <LOAD CORRECT PAPER> appears during a copy job, you cannot access the paper size setting through  [Paper Settings]. In this case, cancel the job first, then press  [Paper Settings] and change the paper size setting.
2.Press <- [or +> to select the paper size same as paper loaded into the machine, then press [OK].


3.Press  [Stop/Reset] to return to the standby mode.


4.Press [OK] to resume the job.


Please Note:  For print jobs, you need to specify the paper size from your computer.


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followed your suggested steps but still continues to do the same thing.


is their any way to reset the machine completely to set all setting to default mode


and change the setting i need to?


any suggestions are greatly appreciated






also if i hold the paper setting button down when turning on machine



 the error button does't flash but if i leave the machine idle for a couple


of minutes the processing data/error lights begin to flash red light


Any suggestions appreciated