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PIXMA printer 922 won't print and continues to give error code 1660 even after replacing ink


My printer continues to give error code 1660 even after replacng all of the ink. The lights dont come on the ink. They are reseated and I can't reset  this. I have follwed the plug and restart instructions. Help.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Karenkeels,


Please follow these steps:


 1. Confirm that the printer is powered on.


 2. Pull open the paper output tray.


 3. Lift the scanning unit (printer cover) completely. The print head will move to the replacement position.


 4. Open the inner cover.


 5. Remove the ink tanks by pressing the tab of each tank.


 6. Raise the print head lock lever.


 7. Tilt the print head slightly towards the front of the machine and lift out gently.


 8. Place the print head in the print head holder and lower the print head lock lever carefully until you hear a click.


 9. Insert ink tanks into the print head.


10. Press the mark <PUSH> on the ink tank firmly until you hear a click.


11. Ensure that all the ink tanks are installed properly and the ink tank lamps light red.


12. Close the inner cover and the scanning unit/printer cover.


If the 1660 error persists, please contact our support group using the following link:

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Error code 1660 means that the ink cartridge has not been installed correctly. If you have installed it correctly, it could be the sensors didn't detect the ink cartridges. Cleaning the contact points of the ink cartridge and in the cartridge holder will help. Wipe the contacts (metallic / shinny part) with a soft cloth with alcohol to remove the excess ink that may had blocked the contact points. 

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