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Maxify MB2720 says "sending fax" when trying to print


This keeps haooening to me.


My 2 Windows 10 PCs are connected via wifi to my Maxify 2720 and when I try to print (some apps more than others) I'll get a "sending fax" message on the printer LC screen and nothing prints. The only way to clear the message is cancel the print job. It happens more often when printing large photos or from Firefox than other apps (such as Acrobat Reader) but its inconsistent. Removing and reinstalling the printer may fix the problem temporarily, but eventually it starts happening again. This is becoming very annoying. Is there an official response to this issue other than to remove and reinstall the printer driver repeatedly??


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jakemon0,


So we can best assist you, we would need some more information to help narrow down this issue.


  1. How many MB2700 series are listed in View Devices and Printers?
  2. In the print preview, how is  the printer listed(MB2700 series, MB2700 series WS, MB2700 series Fax)?
  3. Which printer is set as default on the computers?

We look forward to your reply.


If this matter is time sensitive and would like help in real time, please contact Canon at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666), Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST.

at this time, only "Canon MB2700 series Printer" Since I Don't use the Fax I chose not to install it. Windows 10 manages my default printer


Iam having a very similar issue with the same printer on Windows 10, by similar i mean my printer states sending fax on the screen when i dont use the fax function at all. The printer will not power off or cancel the operation.

short fix is to cancel any printer jobs and then uninstall and reinstall printer. I wish I wouldn't have to repeatedly perform these actions to remedy this issue.



I have cancelled all printer jobs and even unplugged the printer.  But, when I turn it back on again, it continues to sending fax.  How do I stop this stupid thing?

Ty jakemon0, ended up doing that before the response. Found a unique issue that caused my problem... the printer for whatever reason got fax and print confused

That's not a unique issue. It happens to all of us with the same problem. The question is, why?

It only happens on Windows 10 with my computers