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MF753CDW DNS not working after firmware update


I have a ImageClass MF753CDW printer that I have set up to send email and i-fax items.    Recently, we updated the firmware to 3.09, released February 2, 2024.

Since that time, DNS does not seem to be working, which caused my pop and smtp papers to not resolve.   I ended up putting the IP address of and instead of the names, and it now works.  It also affects internal DNS with the printer, so now, in the address book for SMB file saves, I need to use the IP addresses instead of the local computer names.

My DNS servers for IP4 is and, which are Google's public DNS servers.  I have IPV6 setup to receive the link local and 1 stateless address (both local addresses that don't leave the network, it's primarily for mDNS, so no DNS servers set up for IPV6 and our ISP (Frontier) doesn't provide native IPv6 anyway).

Has anyone else ran into this DNS problem with the latest firmware?    As I said, it works with the IP address for the smtp and pop servers entered, but not if I enter the fqdn.

Also, are there any settings on the MF753Cdw that would interfere with the proper operation of DNS resolution on the printer?   I'm stumped as to why name resolution isn't working on this printer.

Thanks for any help.