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MF743Cdw Printing to Multi-Purpose Tray Settings are Overly Complicated and Do Not Work as Expected

I have been using HP and Canon printers for 30 years.  But with a recent purchase of a MF743Cdw, printing to the Multi-Purpose Tray (MPT) has been a mystery and prints to Drawer1 unexpectedly and inconsistently.  Sometimes it goes to the MPT.  Reviewing community support has been no help and organized in a bewildering way, frankly.  Easy to click on the fat Kudos button, but I don't see many Kudos out there Smiley Sad  Mostly unanswered questiosn shggesting where else to turn for answers.


Computer is an HP tower PC w Window 7 Pro 64 bit and all other software and hardware work as expected.


First, upon driver installation, in Printing Preferences we set up the default in Paper Source to "Auto" under the Paper Source tab.  Most documents go to the Letter-Portrait 20 lb paper in Drawer 1.


Then to print Letter-Portrait 20 lb sheet-fed checks, we load check stock in the MPT and on the printer UI respond and click the Letter-Portrait icon and select 20lb paper.


Then in check printing software, we select MPT as Paper Source, click Paper Source Info, click Retrieve Paper Source Info which shows Letter-Portrait paper 20 lbs, click Close, click OK, click Print and the checks unexpectedly go to Drawer 1.


The process is both overly-complicated and does not work as expected.


Even the status of paper "Loaded" is inaccurate if paper is removed from the MPT or Drawer1 and the Retrieve Paper Source Info button is clicked.


What is the workaround here?

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Re: MF743Cdw Printing to Multi-Purpose Tray Settings are Overly Complicated and Do Not Work as Expec

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Hi BruceTexas.


The Get Paper Source Information list does not display the paper settings for the source you've already selected.  It displays a list of the paper settings registered on the printer itself to each paper source. 


From your description, you only have Drawer 1 registered, which is to "Letter-Portrait 20 lb."  When you select "Letter-Portrait 20 lb" in the Get Paper Source Information list, you're telling the driver to change the paper source to the one registered with 20 lb letter-size paper in Portrait orientation, which in this case is Drawer 1.


If you've already set the Paper Source manually to the Multipurpose Tray (MPT), it will feed from the Multipurpose Tray until otherwise changed.  It will attempt to use the paper settings specified either elsewhere in the settings or, depending on the program, specified in the program from which you are printing.


If you need immediate assistance with this issue, please contact us using the numbers and information at


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Re: MF743Cdw Printing to Multi-Purpose Tray Settings are Overly Complicated and Do Not Work as Expec

What a terrible design. Choosing a paper source should be straight forward, but as said, it is over complicated! I cannot find anywhere where to directly choose the paper source drawer! Also, when i try to print via wifi on my computer, the printer will not print until I go over to the printer in another room and have to push a  tray displayed. So each time I want to print, I have to manually push the black or color button to print! The designers have made this machine overly complicated! I won't buy a cannon again!


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