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[MF644CDW] Setting up "Scan to Email" using Gmail SMTP / help?


For the past several months, I have tried setting up my MF644CDW to scan to email. I've followed the instructions to the best of my ability, and read a number of posts on here... and yet, I'm still stuck. Turning to this forum in the hopes someone has cracked the code.


Here's what I've done so far:


  • Using RemoteUI, gone to Settings & Registration > Network Settings > Port Number Settings
    • I set the SMTP port to 587
  • Using RemoteUI, gone to Settings & Registration > TX Settings > E-Mail/I-Fax Settings
    • SMTP server:
    • E-mail address: (my username)
    • Password: (my gmail password)
    • Use SMTP authentication (SMTP Auth): checked yes
      • Username: (my username)
    • Use TLS for SMTP: checked yes
  • On Gmail itself (a free personal account, if it matters...) I enabled "less secure apps"


Here's what happens when I try to Scan to E-mail:


  • Very quickly, after scanning a document, the printer warms up and prints out a status report. There are not many details: only the number of pages, the destination email, and the word "ERROR"

Did I miss something here? Is there a way to get more information from the printer about what the error actually is - is it an authentication error, something else?


Appreciate any pointers you guys have. Going crazy here...



I finally got this issue to work tonight and thought I'd post it for all others that are experiencing the same.

1- If you are using GMail, you have to setup an 'App Password' for your Canon to work.

2- Go to and click on your picture (upper right hand corner) and select 'Manage Your Google Account'.

3- Click on 'Security on the left hand side'.

4- Scroll down to section that says 'Signing in to Google'.

5- Make sure '2-Step Verification' is setup.  If it is not, add 2-step verification now.

6- Click on 'App Passwords' to setup a password for your Canon.  You may have to sign into your Google account again.

7- Under the 'Select App' down arrow, select 'Other (custom)'

8- Enter a name for your Cannon.  I put my model number in the field: MF644Cdw

9- Select the 'Generate' button.  This will generate a password.  Copy/Paste this password or write it down.

10- Find your Cannon's IP Address.  I selected 'Status Monitor' on my Cannon; then selected 'Network Information'; then selected 'IPv4'; take down the numbers listed under 'IP Address'.

11- Open up Chrome and enter the IP Address from step 10.

12- Select 'System Manager Mode' option and select 'Log In'.  If you have setup a 'System Manager ID' and 'System Manager PIN', enter that information and then select 'Log In'.

13- Select 'Settings/Registration' button on the right hand side.

14- Select 'TX Settings' on the left hand side.

15- Select 'E-mail/I-Fax Settings'.

16- Select 'Edit' button on the upper right hand side.

17- SMTP server =

18- Email Address = [enter your email address]

19- Check mark 'Use SMTP Authentication (SMTP AUTH)'

20- User Name = [enter your email address]

21- Check mark 'Set/Change Password'

22- Password = [enter the password generated from step 9 above]

23- Check mark 'Use TLS for SMTP'

24- Check mark 'Verify Certificate'

25- Check mark 'Add CN to Verification Items'

26- Check mark 'Use TLS for POP'

27- Check mark 'Verify Certificate'

28- Check mark 'Add CN to Verification Items'

29- Scroll up to the top of the page and select the 'OK' button to save these settings.

30- Select 'Network Settings' on left hand side.

31- Select 'Port Number Settings'

32- Select 'Edit' button in upper right hand side. 

33- Change 'SMTP' field to = 465

34- Scroll up to the top of the page and select the 'OK' button to save these settings.

35- Select 'To Portal' link in the upper right hand corner.

36- Select 'Address Book' button on right hand side.

37- Click on '01' link and select 'Edit' button.  Add your email as the first email address.

38- SCroll up to the top of the page and select the 'OK' button to save these settings.

39- Go to your Cannon and test the Scan to Email function.

40- Check email to see if you received the email.  If you didn't get email, check 'Status Monitor/Cancel' button under the 'TX Job Log' section for Error Code specifics.

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Thank you, this worked for me as well.

Worked like a charm on my MF642Cdw.
Initially I couldn't see the Network settings, but when I signed into the Remote UI as the Manager, it was all there.

Thanks so much.

I did all that and i still get the 802 error.

What is going on? 

Thank you! This worked for my MF656Cdw

Wow these are great instructions and it worked perfect!  Canon should pay you for this.  Thank you!


Thanks for helping, I just hope this would have worked with my MF650C. For some reason I still get #752 errors and long time outs when trying something.

Thanks for joining the conversation, jlap777!  It sounds like you've got both a different printer and a different error message than what this thread is about.  If you need help, we recommend starting a new thread dedicated to your issue.  To do that, just click HERE.

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