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Maxify MB2720 can not register


I have purchased a new Canon Maxify MB2720 and when I attempt to register, I receive a message that the serial number is not valid. I receive the following:

The serial number you have entered is invalid for one or more of the following reasons:
1) The serial number does not match the product you have selected (FCC ID which starts with “AZD” is often mistaken for serial number.)
2) The serial number entered indicates this product was not intended for sale in the United States and is ineligible for registration and support in the U.S.
Please verify your product model and serial number to ensure they were entered correctly.

I am sure the unit was purchased here in the USA and I am even more confident that I entered the s/n correctly. What am I missing???



How do I find my serial number?



Hi, sjarriett!  You'll find the serial number for your MAXIFY MB2720 on the back of the unit and it's an alphanumerical code beginning with four letters.  Those letters indicate which market your printer was intended for with US-market printers starting with either AEWP, AELE, AFKB, or AGBY.  If the serial number starts with any other combination, such as AELF or AEWR, then the printer was intended for sale and use in Canada and is ineligible for registration with Canon USA.  We recommend contacting your dealer if they say they're based in the United States and sold you a printer meant for use another country.

Hope this helps!


Mines start with AGSG and I purchased from Wal-Mart here in Mississippi…. I’m at a lost.. Would it be covered under warranty

That may be an issue as I saw another at the same store that started the same way


I purchased the same printer at a Walmart in Indiana yesterday and I am getting the same error.  The UPC label says MN: MB2720 US... My SN number also starts AGSG. Seems Canon needs to fix this issue... as the model number shows the model is a US model...


Can you please PRIVATE MESSAGE me with your registration information so I can file a ticket with corporate and get this taken care of? 

PRIVATELY I need your first and last name, email address, phone number, printer model, serial number, approximate date of purchase, and place of purchase. 

If you already have a My Canon Account established, please make sure the email address is the same one on your My Canon Account.