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MF634cdw New printer Making continuous grinding sound Unprompted


A bran new (1 week old) Canon Color Image Class MF643CDW is scaring every one in the house by kicking off a continuous grinding noise on its own in the middle of the night with absolutely no one touching it nor any pending print job.  This has happend 3 times in the one week since i have this unit plugged in.  


It happened the very first day just hours after setup and succesful 4-5 test pages. suddently it started the grinding noise that sound like it's about to kick of a print job, only that it keeps going and going non-stop. I took as possibly it's part of iniitial self adjustment.


The second time, I got a call from my wife in the middle of the day because she heard some squeaky sound and thought our AC or washer has gone wild, only to discover it's a printer.


Then it happened again a few days later this time in the middle of the night and had everyone startled as we all  run around the house trying to figure out what is making the weird noise, check alarm, check smoke/carbone monocide, before finally coming to the room with this printer blarring.


Each time, i had to power off/on to resolve it. But this is not normal and i cant continue with this. I need a solution to it ASAP.



Hi, bk4canon!

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello bk4canon,


Your Color imageCLASS MF634Cdw can make certain noises that are normal during operation that should not cause concern.  Please try the following to see if it helps to resolve the issue, and to determine if the issue is cartridge or unit related:


1.  Remove the toner cartridges from your unit.  Inspect the cartridges to confirm no part of the encasing appears to be broken, chipped or damaged.  Do not touch the surface of the drum on the bottom of the toner cartridge.


2.  Set the cartridges aside and check the inside of your MF634Cdw for any remaining packing material or jammed paper pieces.  Also check for anything that seems to appear out of place, misseated or broken.


3.  If no visible problem inside the printer, tilt the cartridges 5 or 6 times to redistribute the toner and reseat the cartridges in the unit.


4.  Try running a copy to see if the noise persists. 


If the noise continues, is your MF634Cdw being used on your network.  If you are using your MF634Cdw via your network, your router/access point could be sending signals to the printer (even when you aren't using the printer).  To test, when you turn on "Use Direct Connection" by selecting <Menu> -> <Preferences> -> <Network> -> <Direct Connection Settings> -> set <Use Direct Connection> to <On>, does the noise still occur?  To restore your ability to use your MF634Cdw on your network, turn off "Use Direct Connection".


If you need immediate assistance and you're in the USA, please click for our US-based support. If you're outside of the US, please click for support options.


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I followed these instructions on the toner and still did not see a fix. Also tried new cartridges and did not help.  Need some feedback from Cannon on how to address.  My printer seems to be getting worse from the noise/grinding standpoint.  Have had this printer for less than a year and am concerned.

So, I have this problem, too, and agree with the other member that one should not have to disconnect one's printer from the network to stop it from making loud noises in the middle of the night.  Has there been a software update which addresses this annoying problem yet?

Hello CanonPrinterUsr,


The printer might process when receiving commands over the network but the noises should not be a loud grinding sound. If you have already removed all of the toner cartridges and checked the interior of the printer and you still hear grinding noises, it sound slike there might be something with the hardware.


In this situation, I would suggest contacting our support team at 1-800-652-2666. They would be able to hear the noise you are referring to and can check further into what might be going on with the hardware to cause the noise to occur. They would also be able to provide any service options if it looks like there is a problem with the hardware.

I have the same problem with Canon imageclass mfb642Cdw, I reached out support team they said it will make a grinding sound when the router pings the printer. he asked me to change some settings but it still making sounds any time in day or night.

Does anyone have a solution? Please share.

I have exact same issue. My printer is also making unexpected startup noise during standby. The printer should not respond to irrelevant signals on the network. Hope future update can fix it.

How to repair printer MF 634 making grounding noise