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MF624Cw - any way to duplex print or scan both sides of a page




I recently received a Canon MF624Cw as a gift.


I really want to like this printer, but it seems there are two important to me functions that I cannot find.


Is there any way to:

1. Duplex print? IE print on both sides of a page? I can't even find a manual duplex setting.


2. Copy or scan both sides of a page?


The printer is attached to my wireless network, and I access it via wifi. I can successfully print in either color or b&w, but only on one side.


I can successfully scan multiple single pages to one document, but don't see a way to scan both sides of a page.


I installed drivers and software yesterday, April 12, 2021, directly from Canon and did not use the CD/DVD.


Thanks in advance for any help or advice!




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello RussPro10,


The MF624Cw does not have the option to duplex print or scan. The models that have the ability to duplex print will be models that have a d in the model name like the MF735Cdw. The C will be for color the d will be for duplex and the w is for wireless. You should be able to manual duplex or set the printer to print the odd pages and then you can reload and print the even pages. To show you which settings to change, I would need some additional information. If you could reply to this message with the version of the Mac or Windows operating system you have on your computer and the program you are printing from, we will be able to assist further.

I saw this question from 2021 and have the same issue. I have a Mac Ventura OS. Can you help me? Thanks

Hello Nilabones,

If you are using the same model, you would not be able to perform duplex prints or scan both sides of the paper automatically. If you are using a different model, please let us know and we can see what options are available.


All that a manual-duplexing printer does is tell you to print the first side then turn the sheets over and run them thru again to print the second side. You can do this with ANY printer.