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MF6160 can't install scanner - downloaded All scanner software


Trying to install the scanner using the Canon MF Scan Utility.

  1. 1. Add the IP address (Bonjour is not available) "The format of this address is correct" Got the IP address from the printer display using Network settings
  2. Click "Add" 
  3. Get "Cannot find the specified Scanner" message
    1. Scanner is turned on
    2. Network is connected (blue light is on)
    3. Address of the scanner?

I can't get the scanner part installed. Why?




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So that the Community can help you better, we need to know exactly which operating system is running on your computer (i.e. Windows or macOS, and which version thereof). That, and any other details you'd like to give will help the Community better understand your issue!

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I'm running on Mac Monterey 12.7


The MF6160 will use our MFtoolbox software to access the scanner. When installing the scanner driver/software package (Scanner Driver & Utilities for Mac V2.15.14). The installer will install the MFscan utility and the MFToolBox. If the installer completed without any problems, you can try opening the MFToolbox to see if it detect or adds the scanner. If it is unable to locate the scanner, I would suggest contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to assist.

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