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MF4890DW will not scan and MF Network Scan Utility will NOT open


I've only got about 6 hours into this nightmare. My scanner quit working after my beloved ISP had a hicup.

I have my MF4890DW set up on Ethernet and it prints just fine, but it will not scan. I've reloaded all the programs and updates including the patches. 

But, the first thing it tells you on the Operation guide manual for scanning is to Register the machine to the MF Network Scan Utility FIRST. So I try to open that up and it will not open. I go into the Control Panel under programs to see if it is even showing up as a program, and do NOT see it.  Making things worse, I don't see anywhere that I can download it again from this support site.

And while I'm in a bitching mood, why can't Canon just call these devices what they really are, like "printer" , "scanner", "fax machine". But now, they assign names like "Canon MF4800 SeriesUFRII LT", and "Canon MF4800 SeriesUFRII XPS". The FAX device is clear in the description, but how would I know if the "LT" is the printer or the scanner? I mean just stupid as hell.

Is this MF Network Scan Utility even still available? If not I guess I'll be looking for a new unit, and it won't be a Canon.




I should have mentioned that every time I try a scan I get the error code:255,0,0Code 255.jpg

Seems like the scanner is not communicating with the PC

One more update. I just switched back to a USB connection and everything works. Go figure. But I'd like to know why? I want to be able to use this printer from other computers.

Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!