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MF445dw adds numbers to file name

I just want to name my files. I don't want the date at the end. I scan hundreds of documents each day. Now I have to do twice the work because I have to delete the numbers off the end of each file. Please fix this or tell me how to change this. I don't see it anywhere in the nearly non-existent settings. Thanks.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Clogva1,


When scanning using the MF Scan utility, you can go into the save settings and you can select the option to check the scan results. When that is selected, you can choose the file name and the save location once the scan is complete. You can view the manual for the MF Scan utility using the link HERE.


We would be happy to assist with further the issue. To provide some feedback or some troubleshooting steps, please reply to this message with the operating sysem that is on the computer. Once we have that info, we can assist further.

I did the preview thing and still, my file name has extra things added to it.  I named the file:  0-DRN-385398-1.pdf, but the name it was given is 0-DRN-385398-1_20211022_0001.pdf.  Imagine scanning in all the documents needed for a 40-year land record search and having to rename all those Deeds, Deeds of Trusts, Easements, and Plats.  I told the program what to name the file.  There is no option to uncheck adding the date and a four-digit number to the end.  A program should not add to a file name without the option to turn it off.  


A quote from the manual you linked to:


[Save Settings]

[File Name]
Enter the file name of an image to save. The date and a four-digit number similar to "_20XX0101_0001" are added after the set file name.
Not cool.  I don't want that added to the file name.  This is why I say that this program won't let you name the file what you want to.  This is why I am forced to buy an $80 program to scan properly.  
Could you either please tell me how to disable the above naming convention or consider changing the programming so that one can opt out of the "date and four-digit number" being added?