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MB2720 error code 5207


My printer has started experiencing an error code 5207 whenever I try to print. This error flags and I have to reset the printer to regain communication.

- I updated my drivers and software

- The printer was working fine a few weeks ago

- There is not a paper jam

- The ink trolley moves fine and all of the ink levels are above minimum

- There is correct paper in each try (letter in both)

The error occurs when I try to print, it seems to go through the regular cleaning movement and when it normally would load paper, it errors. I also get this error when I try to individual run a cleaning command on either the black or color cartridges.

I hope someone has some insight. I have searched all over the internet and cannot find a solution.

- teampwyatt


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Teampwyatt,

The error code would point to a problem with the print head or there is a chance that one of the tanks in the printer is not seated properly or malfunctioning. You can try unplugging the printer from the power and then pressing the power button 10 times while the printer is unplugged. After that, you can plug the printer into a different power source and you can try turning it on. Once the printer is back on, you can try a copy to see if the code comes back up. If it does, you can try checking the ink tanks to make sure they are seated properly and are not leaking.

If you continue to have issues, it would mean the printer needs service, you can contact support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666 or by logging into your MyCanon account to check your service options.