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MAXIFY international printers and cartridge compatibility


Canon is selling the same printer under different model name (ex: GX7020, GX7050 and GX7080) depending on the country it is sold. Asking technical support, they are unable to tell the difference. The manual is the same as it is GC7000 series manual.

Despite that I have been exposed in the past to the impossibility to buy cartridges when moving back to Europe from China as the difference between the cartridges was only on the chip.

This means Canon is intentionnally hiding the differences between printers and blocking people from one area in teh world to buy from another area.

So my question to Canon community is: What are all differences from GX7050, GX7020 and GX7080 ? It seems that they are already doing the same on cartridges as GI-26 type used for GX7020 is not sold in Europe. I did not believe that Canon was so narrow minded and anti consumer



Hi, Logan190!  You bring up a great question.

While the printers you mentioned may be functionally identical, there are a number of differences inside each unit.  For example, electrical systems vary throughout the world in terms of voltage and outlet shape, so we have to customize models accordingly.  We also have to account for different units of measurement used and for the main languages spoken in a given location.  Additionally, we have to comply with regulations and laws that vary throughout the world that in some cases may cause a feature that's available in one country to be unavailable in another.

In order to allow everyone to differentiate these models, we give them unique region-specific model numbers.

We hope this clears things up!




I've been through this with several colleagues.  My advice, save yourself a great deal of unnecessary expense and grief.  Donate the existing printer to a local school or church.  Move and buy and new printer in the country where you will reside.  It will have the correct plug, and ink availability.   

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