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MAXIFY GX7021 Is the yellow ink cloggier than the other colors?


I purchased a Maxify GX7021 17 months ago.

I had a yellow clog when the printer was only 9 months old. A cleaner cartridge managed to fix it.

The yellow stopped working again today, but I couldn't wait for a new cleaner cartridge, and the print heads are back-ordered with no ETA. I need my $800 printer to print.

So...I wound up completely disassembling the printer head. This revealed the yellow ink, in particular, was kind of chunky.

Why would that be? All the ink was installed at the same time.

Is the yellow ink in particular a problem?

What solvent can I use to clean this printer head? Water is not breaking up the yellow ink very much.

I ordered a new print head from a third-party supplier, but I am worried that the yellow ink remaining in the printer is faulty and will clog the new printer head too.

The only portion of the printer head that I have not figured out how to take apart yet is where the bottom pads are located near the exit nozzles. The pads have a flat fibrous area with a rubber surround, kind of like a gasket, that extends outward. I'd like to get inside between the bottom of the pads and the area where the ink migrates sideways for a little distance and then finally leaves the exit nozzles. It's pretty tight clearance in there and I surmise there is ink to be cleaned out. The yellow and the red ink seem to have to travel kind of far sideways, toward the center, to finally exit through the print head nozzles.




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