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Imageclass MF743cdw scan works randomly Error code #801




I have an Imageclass MF743cdw that is hardwired to the network.  I have it setup to scan to file (folders) on a couple different PCs.  Sometimes it works other times not.  When it fails I get an error code #801 in the log files.  I cannot seem to find any info on this error code.


On the PCs I have SMB installed.  I have both the PC and printer running just IPV4.


Sometimes it just sits there Sending...................................................................................................


Scan to USB does the same thing from time to time...






Hello Larry,


The issue can be operating system, network, network connection, usb device etc... I will need some more information:


1. Operating systems (OS):


2.  You stated the printer is hardware to the network. Is the printer connected directly to a router or computer? Are all of the computers connected via Ethernet or WiFi?


3.  How are you scanning to the folder when the issue happens (pull or push)?

a.  Are you pull scanning using MF Scan Utility to the folder or another software?

b.  Are you push scanning from the hardware to another computer?


4. What is the error message when scanning to USB device from hardware? Does it occur with more than on USB device connected?


5. Have you contacting online support for your OS about the 801 error? I know some OS had SMB issues with sending documents to shared folders in the past.

Here is information on the 801 error in the MF743Cdw manual:


1.  When communicating with an SMTP server to send an e-mail/I-Fax, a timeout error occurred from the server.
Check whether SMTP is running on the network correctly.
Check whether the machine is properly installed and correctly connected to the network.
Problems with the Network in the manual:


2.  When communicating with the SMTP server, an error returned from the server.
Check whether the SMTP server is set correctly.


3.  A destination is not set correctly.

Check whether the destination is set correctly.


4. When storing a scanned original into the shared folder, an error occurred from the folder.
Check whether the shared folder and the computer that has the shared folder are running correctly.


5.  The incorrect folder name or password was specified when storing to the shared folder.


If you need immediate assistance, please contact our support group using the following link:

Hi Audrey,

Im also experiencing similar issues with Scan To Email not work. 

Searching the TX Job Status Logs: I was  getting Error Message #806, i went in the admin portal to verify my login and password(online research indicated that this is what the error message means).I did this and it did not resolve the issue.I changed from gmail to apple email (icloud) and recieved error code 839.


ImSetup with SMTP Server & SMTP AUTH



Other things i have done to try an rectify this:


1. Check the intended destinations

2. Update the to the lastest canon firmware

3. Initialize the wireless  network 

4. disable 2-facture authentification on my gmail account.


What really baffles me, is that scan to email was flawless since i bought this All-In-One back in May. nothing was changed and this thing stopped working. Incredibly frustrating. I have been trying to call Canon Tech Support for the past three days, wiating in que for 60 minutes plus, until closing.


Any help would be appreciated







Hi Larry,

I am having the similar issue where scan to email doesn't work at all. 😞 Were you able to find out what it was? I ran a smtp connection check which gave me the follwoing error "Could not find the server. Check the SMTP server settings and the DNS settings"



Update: We resolved the issue. It was our DNS settings that were incorrect.



how did you fix your DNS settings 


I am Running WIndows 10.  The OS is up to date.

I am scanning to a network folder.  I am not scanning to email, so SMTP is not an issue.

Printer is hardwired to network.

Scanning is push.

If the destination was set incorrectly is would always fail.  If the password was set incorrectly it would always fail.  (THINK about it....)

I can access the shared folder from other PCs without a problem.


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